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5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hey Bryan,
    Nice meeting & chatting with ya on the way down the traill today. Great site & nice footage! Will keep an eye out for ya next week on the E.T.
    Happy trails,

  2. Just saw your Youtube video of the Iron Goat Trail. My wife and I have hiked it several times.
    Read up on the history when the IGT was the Great Northern Railway mainline over the Cascade Mountains.
    The line was expensive to operate and difficult in winter to keep open.
    Seven miles of tunnels and snowsheds covered the nine miles of the line.
    The snowsheds at Wellington are a sad reminder of the tragic night of 1 March 1910 when ninety six people lost their lives.
    Lots of history on the trail. leave only foot prints and take only photos

    1. It sure is a fascinating stretch of history. I’m sure an entire documentary could be made on this stretch of construction. A true testament to the rugged folks who labored in creating the passage.

  3. Don’t forget the rugged South Cascades, a.k.a “Volcano Country!” Places like Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, the Dark Divide, the Goat Rocks, Indian Heaven and Big Lava Bed, and Columbia River Gorge (Washington side) deserve to be on the map too.
    For a hike on Mt. Adams that rivals any wildflower display at Mt. Rainier try Bird Creek Meadows (with a must-do detour to Hellroaring Overlook) on the SW side of the mountain. And for epic views of Mt. Adams, try the Iceberg Lake hike in the Yakima Nation Mt. Adams Recreation Area; the High Camp Hike, or the Devils Garden/Avalanche Valley Hike in the Mt. Adams Wilderness.

    In the Goat Rocks, the Goat Lake-Snowgrass Flats Loop is amazing. So is Cispus Basin on the PCT and the Lily Basin Trail.

    In the Dark Divide, the Sunrise Peak hike offers amazing views of all 4 volcanoes: Rainier, Adams, St. Helens, and Hood (plus the Goat Rocks, which is also an extinct, heavily glaciated volcano). The Juniper Ridge Trail also offers similar vistas along with subalpine meadows among jagged peaks.

    Elsewhere in the Gifford Pinchot, I would recommend guides for the Lewis River Falls Hike along the Lewis River; Silver Star Mountain via Ed’s Trail, Quartz Creek Trail, Sleeping Beauty Trail, Falls Creek Falls, and Panther Creek Falls.

    Anyways, keep up the good work! I love your hiking videos. There are just so many good places to hike in Washington. Washington truly is the best state for scenic hiking. One could spend a lifetime exploring Washington and still not have explored all of it. So much to see.

    1. Thanks for the insights. We have a video on the Juniper Ridge area in the Dark Divide http://botnw.com/2015/06/02/juniper-shoulder/ as well as Layser Cave:http://botnw.com/2015/05/15/layser-cave/

      We are especially interested in exploring the Lewis River area (camped by there on the way back from Skiing Adams this spring). http://botnw.com/2015/06/19/climb-and-ski-mount-adams/
      So many incredible places to explore in Western WA! We will be looking for contributors in the future, stay posted and thanks again for your insights!

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