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Wallace Falls

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Wallace Falls State Park

Stevens Pass Corridor Highway 2


Wallace Falls Trail

Wallace Falls Trail

Visible from Goldbar on Highway 2 Wallace Falls State Park is well equipped for day hiking adventures for the whole family. Find heated bathrooms with running water at the trailhead where there is also a state park permit dispenser (have to pay for the amenities).



Upper Wallace Falls

Under the buzzing of the power lines take in views of highway 2 peaks, Persius, Index and Mount Baring. The Woody trail lives up to it’s name and offers a short interpretive trail at Small Falls. Work your way over stream crossings in lush forest to the lower falls picnic shelter and viewpoint. This is a good destination for kids. The trail becomes more rocky and rooty and steeper on the way to the Middle falls, one of the highest in the state and also the most dramatic viewpoint back across the valley. A short jaunt even steeper and rockier trail to the upper falls viewpoint.


Wallace River from Middle Falls Overlook

Wallace River from Middle Falls Overlook

Take the old railroad grade trail on the decent for a nice loop option back to the trail head.


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WTA Trip Reports, Recent Conditions


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