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The Mostly-Annual Enchantments Traverse Attempt (the E.T.)

Enchantments Traverse

If forced to pick a single favorite trail in the Pacific NW we choose the Enchantments.  That’s why we make an annual trip each fall to experience this magical alpine setting.

From Stuart Lake Trail-head up Asgard Pass through Upper Enchantment Lakes to Snow Creek Trail-head

Approx 30 kilometers, 5,000 feet vertical gain Hike description from Washington Trails Association

Enchantments Traverse Preparation Guide

The Enchantments is a magical alpine paradise that’s passage must be earned by gaining the formidable Aasgard pass.

Enchantments Traverse Map

Enchantments Traverse Map

Shuttle a second vehicle to the Stuart Lake trail head. Ascend along Mountaineer Creek taking a left to climb more directly into the Colchuck Lake basin (a coveted and heavily permitted camping destination). The trail winds around the south side of the lake on talus fields below Colechuck and Dragontail peaks before climbing the most difficult pass of the trail up Aasgar pass.

Reach the highest elevation of the trip on top of Aasgard Pass near 7,000 feet. Behold views to the west of Glacier Peak and the Central Cascades before dropping down into the upper Enchantments lakes. This is a magical place with high alpine lakes and tarns, connected by picturesque streams and waterfalls. Enchanting indeed.

Pass by Lakes named after mythical characters on open winding trails. From below Prusik Peak drop down Lake Viviane on some steeper terrain with delicate footing.

Drop back in the forest along the long Snow Lake for the long gradual decent along snow creek, Snow Creek Wall to the Snow Creek parking lot where the shuttle car is waiting.

New for 2017 check out the Loop Connector Shuttle Service.

Meet you at the bottom (Snow Lakes) and we’ll bring you to the top (Colchuck/Stuart)


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Enchantments in-a-day Guide
Enchantments Traverse 2014
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Enchantments Traverse 2011
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WTA Trip Reports, Recent Conditions

WTA Trip Reports, Recent Conditions


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Enchantments Traverse 2010 (Spectacular fall conditions with great weather, my first time across wearing Vibram Five Fingers).

Enchantments Traverse 2011 (Snow packed in places, but great weather).


Enchantments Traverse 2012 (Cancelled due to forest fire smoke).
Thwarted by extreme weather we ran Josephine Lake on Stevens Pass.

Enchantments Traverse Attempt 2013 (See dripping wet fall turn to full winter on Aasgard Pass)
Thwarted by extreme weather last year (forest fires) we returned to the Enchantments for our annual fall traverse.  Having experienced five-finger friendly warm dry pleasant weather one year (2010), packed snow the next (2011) we rounded out the experience with the wettest trip yet.GPSmaps

Enchantments Traverse 2014 (See dripping wet fall turn to full winter on Aasgard Pass)
Mostly overcast but pleasant trip with plenty of fall colors and goat rendezvous.  GPSmaps

Follow us to adventure.



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