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Running Safely

In the Heat 1. Look at the heat index: Before heading out, it’s always a good rule of thumb (especially when it’s really hot out) to check the heat index. The heat index will tell you what the temperature feels like, combining air temperature and relative humidity. For example, If the air temperature is 87 […]

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Potty Talk

Blue bags, trenches and trowels mean anything to you?   Have you been to a place where the most pristine alpine lake views were literally spoiled by toilet paper strewn across the landscape willy-nilly? Seen and smelled half dug holes overflowing with human excrement? This is a surefire way to ruin the aesthetic of a […]

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Finding Solitude

Beaches, forests, alpine meadows, and mountain lakes are only a few of the places we search for solitude in the NW. With increasing population density – more are getting out on the trails than ever before. Drive-up access to beaches and campgrounds provide mass access to outdoor spots but also draw the largest crowds especially […]

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