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Redmond Watershed Park and Preserve

This near-by low land trail is great for hiking, biking, trail running even horseback riding.

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The Redmond Watershed offers the half mile handicapped and stroller accessible tree frog loop with forests and ponds as well as longer multi-use trails that give hikes, trail runners, mountain bikers and horse riders access to some quiet wild spaces right nearby the urban Redmond hub.

The Tree frog loop is a great start for young kids is stroller and handicap accessible.  This enjoyable hike offers interpretive signs, and wildlife viewing areas by the pond.

Continue up the Power line trail to connect with the Trillium trail.  This is a great hiking trail that is popular with trail runners and even horses.  The wide well maintained path gently rolls through hillside forests, across a few small streams through lush mossy tree canopy.  Navigate trails around a northern pond turning right to reconnect with the Power line trail.  You may encounter hikers, runners, mountain bikers and horses on this section.  Keep a look out for wildlife as well.  Follow well marked signs to reconnect with the south parking lot.

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