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Rainy Pass Hikes – Rainy Lake & Lake Anne

Lake Anne Panorama

Lake Anne Panorama, Maple Pass Loop encircles high ridges

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails.

North Cascades, Rainy Pass

A great introduction to the classic Rainy Pass trails.  Lake Anne sits plum center of the classic Maple Pass Loop adjacent to the ultra popular Rainy Lake.  Hike this out and back or link up with the other area trails for dramatic mountain views and wildflowers in peak summer.


Lake Anne Illustrated Map

Lake Anne Illustrated Map

We were greeted by many hungry small fish.  Finding the log jam making it difficult to access the lake (especially with a baby) along with biting flies and mosquitoes made our lake visit short.


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WTA Trip Reports, Recent Conditions


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