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Endure the Shoulder Season

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails.

It can be difficult to stay motivated, as the days grow darker, wetter and colder.
The crisp clear fall days have made way to the dreaded sopping slog shoulder season.
Rain in the low-lands hoping the snow is accumulating in the mountains.

The wait will soon be over, what to do in the mean-time…

Trails seen in this video:

Poo Poo Point
Cutthroat Lakes
•  Lake Serene
Thunder Mountain Loop
Green Mountain
Rattlesnake Ledge
South Duamish
Aasgar Pass
Granite Mountain
Ira Spring Trail
• Alaska Lake
• Peek-A-Boo Lake
Ptarmigan Traverse
The Brothers

The shoulder seasons are a great time of year to explore the Cascade Foothill Issaquah Alps.
Run laps on the lush green all-season trails and the pilots trail up to Poo Poo Point a popular launch spot Para gliders.

It takes a bit of grit to make it out on the trails Year Round in Western Washington.

Especially in the shoulder-season.

Welcome to best of the NW

Fall days get shorter

and darker

and wetter…

Greeted by darkness

The path ahead is uncertain.

The glow must come from within.

Staying warm means to keep moving.

The thoughts of a warm car with dry clothes motivate the completion of miles.

Drawn to explore the magic that exists in the wet times.

Trails become streams, and crunch frozen under foot.

Views turn to gray.

But we move on.

Because when Gore-Tex meets it’s limits,

Traction fails to grip,

Layers are saturated from the outside and in.

We bring the weather with us.

Searching for the silver lining.

It’s the dripping sun that guides us.

So lace, strap, buckle on your footwear lets get out of the door and explore the Pacific Northwest.

The Trails await, the next two steps are up to you.



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