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Preston Snoqualmie Trail / Oxbow Farm

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The Preston Snoqualmie Trail extends from Monroe to Rattlesnake lake where it connects with the John Wayne trail over Snoqualmie Pass.  This corridor is abundant with rich farmlands.  We explore a unique river feature and the farm that is its namesake.


Oxbow Farm on Preston Snoqualmie Trail

Blackberry dispatch Action Team June, 2015

Blackberry dispatch Action Team June, 2015

Oxbow Farm is open to the public for exploring, playing, picnicking every first Sunday of the month, there is a pumpkin patch and all sorts of fun activities on the farm in October.  If you want to get in some good ol-fashioned manual labor, sign up for a blackberry session every second Saturday of the month.  Check out the Snoqualmie Falls viewpoint a bit farther down the line.

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