Preparing - Best of the Northwest Best of the Northwest
Doing some research is a great place to start.  This guide will give you access to trip reports so you can see what condition the trail may be in depending on what time of year you are hiking.
Here are some steps to get you in the know and out the door.
We put in the research and miles to speed your way to the trailhead.
Red Tape
Washington has all sorts of land use permits which I have observed many a confused hiker risk expensive tickets  at trail-heads upset to discover they had arrived with the wrong or no required permit.
Get the Gear
Now that you have a hike picked out and the proper pass the next step is to figure out the Ten Essentials of what to bring.
Just like clothing there are many personal preferences that go into selecting footwear for the trails.
There is a good deal that can be said about diet for during hiking and in day-to-day recovery.  Here are some basic concepts.
Trails referenced in this guide range from nearly flat smooth board walk and flat duff packed trails to steep alpine scrambles bordering on Fred Becky exploratory  mountaineering.


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