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Poo Poo Point Chirico Trail

Endure the shoulder season…

It can be difficult to stay motivated, as the days grow darker, wetter and colder.
The crisp clear fall days have made way to the dreaded sopping slog shoulder season.  Rain in the low-lands hoping the snow is accumulating in the mountains.

The wait will soon be over, what to do in the mean-time…

The shoulder seasons are a great time of year to explore the Cascade Foothill Issaquah Alps.  Run laps on the lush green all-season trails and the pilots trail up to Poo Poo Point a popular launch spot Para gliders.

Play & Learn
Starting from the free parking trail head cross by the landing field.
Hike into the woods, the trail soon starts climbing on well manufactured rock steps and pathways switching back over a thousand vertical feet in two miles.  One vantage point to the south indicates you are almost to the top Poo Poo Point launch pad.

Poo Poo Point Chicaro Trail Tiger Mountain

Poo Poo Point Chicaro Trail Tiger Mountain

If you plan it right you may catch a glimpse of a launch.

From here many various trails connect to Tiger Mountain Trails like the popular Poo Poo Point trail and West Tiger Rambler to make an extended loop, unless you plan ahead for a less knee jarring descent.

The shoulder seasons are more enjoyable with Tiger Mountain’s lush interesting trails and countless variations to keep you fit and engaged.

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