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Mercer Slough and BelleFields Nature Parks

Easy access plus short interesting loops with wildlife viewing opportunities makes this a great all seasons hike for kids.

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Just north of I-90 sandwiched in- between Bellevue way and 405 the Mercer Slough figure 8 loop offers a peaceful sanctuary for over a hundred animal species and the occasional human hiker.  From the small Winters House Visitor Center Parking lot step immediately onto the boardwalk which makes a short Ostbow loop past an abandoned wooden building with some interesting artifacts within.  The marshy slough has plenty of interpretive signs, which highlight the importance of these riparian ecosystems for plant and animal life.  Continue onto the soft springy ground of chipped cedar along the Overlake Farm overlooking rows of blueberry bushes.  Follow along the Mercer slough until you see the footbridge off to the left.  Cross the bridge keeping an eye out for waterfowl.  At the end of the next lengthy boardwalk take a right to make a clockwise loop around the eastern Bellefields trail loop.  This path winds under tunnels of alder, and brush until meeting with a cedar grove and the only slight hill of the trail at the far eastern side.  Continue around the upper part of the loop to reconnect to the footbridge with the slough off to your right.  Take the boardwalk straight past the bridge where you can glimpse views of downtown Bellevue over the blueberry farm.  Continue north paralleling Bellevue way back to the visitor center parking lot.

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