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Meadowdale County Park and Beach Trail

Like a mini Carkeek of the North, this Edmonds Park trail to beach is a great low key outing.

The mile and a quarter trail down to the Meadowdale Beach flows through quiet Lunds Gulch tucked right in the Edmonds Neighborhoods.

A well maintained trail and plenty of interesting finds along the way make the Meadowdale County Park Trail a friendly hike for kids. Along the way spot massive stumps of old growth trees, Lunds Creek which supports salmon spawning in the fall, canopies of alder, firs, and giant maples.

Follow bridge crossings to an open park area

with an exciting tunnel entrance to access the beach under the railroad tracks.

Be mindful of running water on the trail during the wetter times of year as the trail is also the stream.

The passageway dramatically opens to the beach with views of southern Whidbey Island and the Kitsap Penninsula.

Loop around the other side of Lunds creek to make a lollypop loop.

Save some juice to climb up the 400 foot hills to the parking lot.


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