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Mailbox Peak Loop, New Trail Officially Opens!

After 12,000 hours of collaborative effort over two years the new Mailbox Trail is officially open.

The late great Chad Kellogg did laps on the original trail in preparation for his two Everest speed record attempts. With the reputation of being relentlessly steep, rising 4,000 feet in just two miles, Mailbox Peak is a popular training trail for bigger mountain objectives, or a great day trip with great views over north bend within itself.

Mailbox Peak Trails Map

Mailbox Peak Trails Map

Park in the pullout along side the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Road if the gate is locked. Otherwise drive up and to the right to find a large parking lot with restrooms. The old trail begins on a road grade and cuts left into the forest in the first quarter mile passing by the new trailhead. The pleasant grade meanders by a stream before beginning the steep switchbacks, which reveals the character of the rest of the ascent. Root strewn and often muddy connect a series of diamond trail markers, containing motivational quotes and other “poetry.” Near 3,500 feet the dense forest starts to open to the final boulder field. Follow trail markers to avoid prematurely leaving the trail on the lower boulder field. Views of the Fire Training Center far below and across the valley start to open up.

The summit features the famous mailbox. Look inside; you never know what you may find…

Descend back down the steep “old” trail, or look for the start of the new grade trail to the right a half-mile from the summit. The new trail covers the climb in longer more gradual switchbacks and is easier on the knees. This new addition gives more options for the already classic Mailbox Peak hike.


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