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Lake Wenatchee Snopark

Combine beautiful lake views with distant mountains, rolling forest trails, and zippy trails along the Wenatchee River and you have a easy to access snopark well suited for all ages.

Lake Wenatchee State Park offers year round recreation. Nordic skiers will appreciate the luxury of heated restrooms/changing rooms and even showers.
The snopark has a nearby sledding hill on part of the ski and shoeshoe trails.

Permitting requires an annual snopark pass or the purchase of a day pass along with the WA State Discovery Pass. If you don’t have either of those pay by envelope or electronic kiosk at the main parking lot.

The lower trails start right on the side of the lake with spectacular views. Follow into the forested tracks with many looping options. Tracks are set on both sides of the skate lane, which can be narrow. While stronger skiers may opt for the challenging Nason Ridge loop (when it’s in condition) its possible to string together 15k of fun trails from the lake to the base trail of Nason Ridge (not groomed at time of our filming). Be prepared to study the maps and navigate road crossings to connect other forested loops. The trails open up a bit by the golf course as you weave through some housing areas. Being situated higher than Leavenworth the snow tends to hold out longer. Call ahead for grooming and snow conditions.


Moose Loppet

Check out the 22k groomed trails at Plain Valley, WA


Lake Wenatchee Snow Park


Lake Wenatchee Trail Map


Nasan Ridge Trail Map

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