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Goat Lake

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The Mountain Loop Highway Henry M Jackson Wilderness.

Gradually climbing along the Elliot Creek Drainage Goat Lake sits at the Northern flank of Monte Christo Peak.

GoatLakePanoFirst tier trails in this region like Pilchuck overshadow some of the deeper tracks like this one. A well-maintained outhouse greets us with a friendly forest service ranger at the entrance. Noticeably less crowded than the Lake 22 trail head on the way in. We are moving into Peak hiking season and it’s good to know where to go and avoid the throngs of people. We are going to head up the the Upper Elliot creek trail to Goat Lake and return on the Lower Elliot Creek trail making a loop in the middle.

I love getting out letting the legs and mind stretch… WA_Map_GoatLakeOffers a break from a demanding week in front of a computer… Like hitting reset.

After a gentle climb waterfalls coming out of the lake into Elliot creek before opening up to the Goat Lake basin. Great place to have a snack, check out the impressive Monte Christo and take a refreshing dip.

On the way back we head down the Lower Elliot Creek trail. This hidden gem winds along and above the pristine creek through tree canopy. Its better when dry (could turn into a muddy mess in the wet seasons).

Time flys by as we make our way along back to the trail head in this peaceful valley.

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