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Hike Glacier National Park – Montana

Hike The Highline Trail – Glacier National Park Montana
Elevation Gain = 1,950′
Elevation Loss = 3,026′
Length Logan to the Loop = 11.8 miles

Glacier National Park dubbed “Crown of the Continent” by George Bird Grinnell is one of our National Treasures.

Canoe Lake MacDonald, hike the lush Trail of the Cedars to Avalanche Lake or take a dip in aptly-named Iceberg Lake.

Perhaps the best orientation to the distinctive alpine setting in the heart of the park is a day hike of the Garden Wall.

Free park shuttles can be accessed from the high point at Logan on the Continental Divide as well as The Loop to the west on the Going To The Sun Road.  The original road design steeply ascending 15 switchbacks along Logan creek was replaced with a single switchback now known as “The Loop.”

Starting at the high-point from ever popular Logan Visitors center the often crowded high line trail quickly becomes exposed.
Use the cable handrail for security.  Never cross when snow-covered.


Plenty of pullouts along the way allow hikers to pass and take in views.


HighlineTrail Bear Grass

Highline Trail Bear Grass at peak bloom

The trail gradually descends the west side of the Continental Divide.
Imagine waters from these streams from snow melt traveling all the way to the Pacific.  Pass the Weeping Wall along the garden wall ascending the saddle by Haystack.  Observe traces of ancient seabeds formed from uplift over two billion years ago.  The trail weaves around enticing bends that overlook U shaped valleys carved out by ancient glaciers. Keep an eye out for sneak peaks of the chalet in the distance.  Lake MacDonald, the largest alpine lake in the park, starts coming into view.  A side trail to the right climbs .6 miles to the Grinnell Glacier Overlook.

 Grinnell Glacier Overlook

Grinnell Glacier Overlook

Reach the Granite Park Chalet (a World Heritage Site) in 7.6 miles.
Despite the name there is actually no granite in the area.


Reservations for overnight stays at the chalet need to be made in advance.

Granite Park Chalet Sunset

Granite Park Chalet Sunset


Continue down the switchbacks 4 miles through rugged terrain and a few appreciated water sources to the end at The Loop.

The Black Feet Indians called Glacier “The Backbone of the World” which might describe the sensation of crossing this spectacular section of Glacier National Park.


Park Conditions for Logan Pass

Tap & Go: GPS Map of Route

Canoeing Lake MacDonald



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