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Cape Flattery

Hiking trails, Western Washingtion, Olympic Pennisuala, Makah Reservation, Neah Bay On the furthest most northwestern corner of the Continental United States is Cape Flattery. A nature sanctuary and part of the Makah Reservation, this spectacular corner of the country has a short trail that unfolds within a half mile revealing rugged sea cliffs, sea life, […]

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“Hike” Lake Constance

The sign at the roadside Doswallips trail reads like a warning 3,400 feet gain in 2 miles.  Relentlessly steep, this is more of a rock scramble root grab “route” than trail in some places. From the Doswallips road trail find the Lake Constance Trailhead sign just past the bridge at 4.25 miles.  The beginning of […]

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Backpack Dosewallips

The floods of 2006 took out sections of road to the formerly car accessible backpacking hub from the Eastern side of the Olympic Mountains. The Dosewallips camp is now a 5 mile road grade hike along the Dosewallips River. The former road “trail” has an initial steep switchback rise to bypass the first large road […]

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