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Chiwaukum Traverse

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. Lesser known mountain crossing along a 11 mile ridge that connects Icicle Creek by Leavenworth to Highway 2. Contribute Follow us to... read more

Pickets Traverse

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. Traveling across jagged peaks inspiring the look of a Picket fence this extremely remote and rugged corner of the North Cascades demands commitment, advanced alpine skills and deep knowledge of... read more

Tatoosh Traverse

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. Tatoosh Traverse Connect Peaks Adjacent to Mount Rainier on trail and rock scrambles. Summit 12 summits in 10 miles Stevens, Unicorn, Foss, Castle, Pinnacle, Plummer, Denman, Lane, Wahpenayo,... read more

Dirty Harry’s Balcony and Peak

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails.   Dirty Harry’s Balcony and Peak Trail Mountains to Sound Greenway I90 Do you feel lucky Punk, do ya? Don’t risk getting towed, be sure to park before crossing the gate towards the... read more

Ashland Lakes Walt Bailey Trail and Cutthroat Lakes

Washington State Trails, hiking, trail running, adventure routes. Take a short family friendly day hike to Ashland Lakes or a more challenging hike to Walt Bailey Trail and Cutthroat Lakes. Or take the high adventure route connecting the two over Bald Mountain.... read more

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens hiking, climbing, backcountry skiing, Washington Volcanos The world famous eruption of Loowit or Mount St. Helens in 1980 capped the previous 9,677 summit to 8,366. A large parking lot is the staging grounds and campsite for permitted climbers.  Hike... read more

Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak hiking, climbing, Washington Volcanoes Ultraneering (mountaineering + ultra running) phenom Stuke Sowle solo scales Glacier Peak in 17 hours covering 34 miles and over 12,000 feet cumulative vertical gain. Glacier Peak or known as “Takobia” by the Sauk... read more

Mount Baker

Mount Baker Attempt, hiking, climbing, Washington Volcanos Mount Baker 10,781 also known as Kulshan, the youngest volcano in the Mount Baker volcanic field is an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano. Easton Glacier Route on Contribute footage to Mount... read more

Cougar Mountain Trails & Coal Creek Natural Area

Seattle hiking trails, best of the NW trail running, year-round trails Cougar Mountain Trails Issaquah Alps I90 Greenbelt Year-round trail access on a well-maintained trail system through lush forest makes Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park a popular close-by... read more

Shoulder Season Ski Trails & Routes Slideshow at REI

Multimedia Presentation on Spring Season Ski Trails and Routes in Western Washington. From REI Washington Ski Touring Club Presentation March 03 2016. Best of the Northwest Human Powered Spring Skiing Strategy The best way to get around in the winter is on skis.  I... read more

Top 10 Seattle Park Trails #12: Bonus NEW West Duwamish Trail

Between the more developed trails off South Seattle Community College and Westcrest park a series of trails on the eastern hillsides cross steep ravines through rugged forest on this West Seattle trail system. At 180 acres the West Duwamish Greenbelt is the largest in... read more

Top 10 Seattle City Park Trails #2: Elliot Bay Trail

Perhaps with the most quintessential views of the Seattle waterfront from any Seattle Park, the Myrtle Edwards Park connects with the Elliot Bay Trail on winding bike and pedestrian paths along Elliott Bay, with fantastic views of the Olympics Mountains, Mount... read more

Top 10 Seattle City Park Trails #3: Green Lake Loop Trail

By far the most popular trail we have experienced in the Pacific Northwest. An estimated 10,000 people visit Green Lake during a summer day. Don’t expect solitude at Green Lake, Seattleites will venture out to the classic loop trails rain or shine.  Look to Green Lake... read more
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