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Running Safely

In the Heat 1. Look at the heat index: Before heading out, it’s always a good rule of thumb (especially when it’s really hot out) to check the heat index. The heat index will tell you what the temperature feels like, combining air temperature and relative... read more

Potty Talk

Blue bags, trenches and trowels mean anything to you?   Have you been to a place where the most pristine alpine lake views were literally spoiled by toilet paper strewn across the landscape willy-nilly? Seen and smelled half dug holes overflowing with human... read more

Finding Solitude

Beaches, forests, alpine meadows, and mountain lakes are only a few of the places we search for solitude in the NW. With increasing population density – more are getting out on the trails than ever before. Drive-up access to beaches and campgrounds provide mass... read more

Hike Glacier National Park – Montana

Hike The Highline Trail – Glacier National Park Montana Elevation Gain = 1,950′ Elevation Loss = 3,026′ Length Logan to the Loop = 11.8 miles Glacier National Park dubbed “Crown of the Continent” by George Bird Grinnell is one of our National Treasures.... read more

2016 Year In Review – Best of the NW

2016 What a year! Plenty of political turmoil and deaths of way too many rock stars. Fortunately we have the trails to help free our minds and spirits. Some accomplishments from the past year: •  Featured three times on the Seattle Times web site –... read more

Old Robe Trail

Washington State Trails, hiking, trail running, family friendly trails. Difficulty – I Easy, Family Friendly Trails Seasons – Lowlands, All Year Cumulative Vertical Gain – 200′ Miles – 3.5 out and Back Passes – Park along side road,... read more

Endure the Shoulder Season

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. It can be difficult to stay motivated, as the days grow darker, wetter and colder. The crisp clear fall days have made way to the dreaded sopping slog shoulder season. Rain in the low-lands hoping... read more

Best of the NW on North Cascade Hiker Podcast #24

Visit the North Cascade Hiker Web Site Rudy Glecek asks Best of the NW to share our background story, our video making process and the reason why we produce hundreds of trail videos for Western Washington. By Rudy Glecek: Bryan Schaeffer talks all about The Best of... read more

Granite Peak Montana

Reach Granite Peak: the high-point of Montana via a lengthy approach, consistent exposure above 10,000 feet and challenging route finding to the rocky summit. Infamous for it’s temperamental weather we threaded the weather needle, between snow storms and were... read more

Bike Hike Trails

Western Washington, bikepacking, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. Hike and Bike Trails Western Washington is known for its precipitation and cascading waterfalls. The forces of nature unleash powerful storms from time-to-time... read more

Ingalls Lake

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. Ingalls Lake   At the foot of Mount Stuart and Ingalls Peak, Ingalls Lake rests in a high alpine basin surrounded by rocky crags passing by waterfalls and flower filled meadows. From the... read more

Ptarmigan Traverse 2016

Western Washington, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails. Despite inclement weather our team of 5 completed the classic “Traverse of the American Alps” in 3 nights 4 days. Highest point – 7,769’ Dome/Dana Glacier Col Lowest point – 1,499’ Downey Creek... read more

Washington’s best family-friendly trails on

Western Washington, hiking, trail running, climbing, Best of the NW Seattle City Park year-round trails.  It’s Saturday morning, your kids are just waking up, you’ve got a full day of freedom ahead of you, and you’re stuck with that same dilemma every family seems to... read more

Cape Flattery

Hiking trails, Western Washingtion, Olympic Pennisuala, Makah Reservation, Neah Bay On the furthest most northwestern corner of the Continental United States is Cape Flattery. A nature sanctuary and part of the Makah Reservation, this spectacular corner of the country... read more

Top 10 Seattle Park Trails on

Western Washington, hiking, trail running, climbing, Best of the NW Seattle City Park year-round trails. Summertime in Seattle offers many nearby cures for a case of “the Indoors.” Symptoms of this can include frequent utterings of “I’m bored”; glassy eyes from too... read more
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