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Western Washington, bikepacking, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, Best of the NW year-round trails.

Hike and Bike Trails

Western Washington is known for its precipitation and cascading waterfalls.

The forces of nature unleash powerful storms from time-to-time washing out roads and access to remote areas. While some roads like the Suiattle River Road have been repaired other roads that previously ended at trail head parking lots are left unmaintained for motorized transportation while adding bike-able miles to the start of these hikes.


Nordrum and Snoqualmie Lakes



Taylor River Hike Bike Trails

Taylor River Hike Bike Trails

Find more adventure and miles on these two hike/bike options. The Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Road used go end all the way up at the Trailhead to Nordrum and Snoqulalmie Lake. Now the road grade to Otter falls is the popular intro hike to this area.


Monte Christo, Gothic Basin, Twin Lakes

The old railroad corridor to the ghost town Monte Christo washed out now a tree crossing river ford to a 4-mile entry to the town and some rustic regions of the Cascades.

Monte Christo Bike Hike Trails

Monte Christo Bike Hike Trails

Anderson Glacier Dosewallips Lake Constance

The floods of 2006 took out sections of road to the formerly car accessible backpacking hub from the Eastern side of the Olympic Mountains. The Doswallips camp is now a 5 mile road grade hike along the Doswallips River. The former road “trail” has an initial steep switchback rise to bypass the first large road washout.nother road grade washout trail. Trim down some foot miles by biking into the Dosewallips campground and old trailhead for the Anderson Glacier Area. Find the rugged steep Lake Constance Trailhead along the way to approach summiting the peak or arriving to the lake itself as the destination.


So lace strap buckle on your footwear and lets get out the door to explore the best of the northwest!


The Trails Await!





WTA: Ingalls Lake

WTA: Glacier Basin


Dosewallips Trail

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