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Barclay Lake

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A short tree covered stream side hike to Barclay lake is a perfect diversion for little legs with a refreshing dip under the massive Mount Baring as the reward.

From the small turnaround parking lot (make sure to leave your NW Forest Pass in the windshield of your car).  Hike under forest canopy with lush foliage, moss covered trees and boulders as you wind your way to the stream.

Barclay Lake Illustrated Map

Barclay Lake Illustrated Map

Mount Baring

Mount Baring

This hike is typically lush in june with the tributary stream running under a log bridge with deep pools of cold water.  We found the stream bed dry and the lake nearly 10 feet lower than we have seen at the end of August.  Dust devils kicked up sand as we arrived.  But the winds did die down leaving blue skys and the dramatic rise of Mount Baring rising above the far shore.  We enjoyed a picnic and swim across the lake before our return hike.

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