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Backpack Dosewallips

The floods of 2006 took out sections of road to the formerly car accessible backpacking hub from the Eastern side of the Olympic Mountains. The Dosewallips camp is now a 5 mile road grade hike along the Dosewallips River. The former road “trail” has an initial steep switchback rise to bypass the first large road washout.

This climbs and descends back to the road grade within a half-mile. The route continues past Elkhorn camp rising gently through tree canopy past gurgling streams. Listen for the waterfalls for the final steeper grade in the last half-mile. Reach camp at 5 miles. Find traces of former car-camping amenities; including beautiful large campsites by the river, great for large groups as permits are not required, a port a potty with tarp door, metal bear bin for food, a mostly abandoned ranger station with map signs revealing further backpacking destinations. Enjoy peaceful campsites by the Dosewallips River.


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