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Ski To Sea: Washington’s premiere mountain to sea relay race

The annual race is a memorial weekend tradition since its inception in 1973.

448 eight member teams descend 4,300 feet from mount baker to Bellingham bay in the Salish Sea.
Seven disciplines cover the 93.5 miles.

Article in Bellingham Herald Blog

93.5 Miles 7 part relay

93.5 Miles 7 part relay

The event begins early in the morning with a 400+ cross-country ski mass start. The course is short but steep weaving through Mount Baker Ski area terrain before descending to the down hill ski hand off.


The down hill skier skis down from the handoff point to a low point where he removes his skis or snowboard and carries them up the physical climb to the highpoint of the 2.5 mile course before the rip-roaring downhill back to the handoff point to the runner.


The 8 mile run descends a knee pounding 2,200 feet down the Mount Baker Highway. The road cyclist takes the hand off to start his 42 mile leg to the Nooksack river canoe stretch.


A team of canoeists navigate the Nooksack river for 18.5 miles. The cross-country cyclist helps pull the boat out of the river to the handoff point at Hovander Homestead park and continues on road and off road navigating obstacles to meet with the final leg sea kayak at Squalicum Harbor.


The kayaker runs down to the water where he begins the 5 mile zig-zag across the harbor to finish the race by ringing the ceremonial bell at Fairhaven.


The Sea to Ski is a testament to the diversity and richness of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.


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